Stevens, Hewlett & Perkins - Intellectual Property Rights

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Stevens, Hewlett & Perkins - Intellectual Property Rights

Stevens, Hewlett & Perkins - Intellectual Property Rights


Making Sense of Intellectual Property and the Branding Minefield

Making Sense of Intellectual Property and the Branding Minefield

Patents, design, copyright and trade marks. SH&P has been assisting companies protect their brands whilst expanding overseas for many years. This seminar will highlight the importance and value of protecting your intellectual...


Stevens Hewlett & Perkins (SH&P) are intellectual property specialists. We advise and assist clients ranging from individual inventors and SMEs to multinational corporations in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IP) in their product ideas. IP is often the most valuable asset owned by a business so, in order to realise the full commercial potential, it is vitally important to understand how to protect and enforce your own IP rights as well as avoiding the infringement of others.

We specialise in providing commercial, constructive and cost effective advice to industry.

We file patent applications around the world to protect new products, processes and formulations and we file trade mark applications to protect new brands or existing brands which develop into new territories. We file registered designs to protect the appearance of new products.

We also assist clients in the following areas both in the UK and overseas:

  • Availability Searches for new Trade Marks and brand names.
  • Contentious work - advice on patent, trade mark and design infringement situations, passing off claims and unfair competition law.
  • Opposing and invalidating third party patents.
  • Opposing, applying to cancel or invalidate third parties' trade mark applications and registrations.
  • Defending clients whose own trade marks, patents or designs are opposed or attacked.
  • Watching - maintaining watches on third parties' IP activity.
  • IP Portfolio management - maintaining and renewing registered IP rights. Assessing and evaluating the scope of clients' IP portfolios.

We have been providing dependable service and advice to some of the worlds largest companies for many years. Our origins can be traced to 1915 and SH&P, as we know it today, was formed in 1971.

SH&P has offices in London and Bristol.