Hosted virtual PCs from Pulsar Ltd

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Hosted virtual PCs from Pulsar Ltd

Hosted virtual PCs from Pulsar Ltd



Pulsar are the market leaders for virtual desktop solutions, and have been implementing solutions since 2005. Our clients include major banks, leading technology companies, central/local government organisations, and a range of customers from other sectors.

Using this experience, we are pleased to be able to offer a Hosted Virtual Desktop service. Our servers are located in a secure facility near Portsmouth in the UK, which has passed rigorous security and continuity inspections from some of the worlds largest banks.

Heres how it works;

Step 1 Request your free webinar join us for a 45 minute demonstration at a time of your choosing to see what the solution involves. To register please click here (link to our events calendar page)
Step 2 Try it for free Pulsars tryVDI service allows you to take VDI for a 10-day test-drive
Step 3 Discuss your requirements our experienced staff have completed hundreds of successful projects, so we can advise you on the technical and commercial benefits you can expect
Step 4 Switch 5 or more users to VDI - we are flexible, and if you want to trial a few users we can accommodate your requests

Why choose hosted VDI from Pulsar? The key benefits our clients enjoy are;

Low cost
Starting at 19.50 per user per month, over three years you will typically save 40% compared with buying a PC

With your PCs managed by Pulsar, you can focus on whats important running your business

A VDI user saves approximately 80% in CO2 emissions compared with a PC user

Your data sits on secure servers, backed-up by Pulsar every day. In the rare event a VDI users virtual PC fails, they can be up and running again within 10 minutes, accurate to their last save

Worried about your premises being attacked? Even if your thin clients are taken, your data is sitting safely at Pulsar

Worried about Swine Flu? If your employees are affected, with hosted VDI they can login from home, meaning the impact on your productivity is minimised

If youd like to discuss your specific requirements with one of our staff please call 02392 633045 or email