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Watch this video now to find out about what LaunchBox has to offer!

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Watch this video now to find out about what LaunchBox has to offer!...


LaunchBox is all a new business needs to get going, in one step. It contains a netbook, mobile broadband, domain name and website, logo, business cards, printing, social media setup, professional services - and more!

How does the LaunchBox help me?

LaunchBox offers three great advantages:
1. By putting everything in one place and negotiating deals with suppliers, we save you money
2. We help you get the right advice at the right time - crucial to help you make the right decisions when you first start.
3. We've done all the organisation for you, so you can get started and trading quicker

Who should buy a LaunchBox?

Anyone considering starting a business, or who is in their first year of trading.

LaunchBox is ideal for:

  • Hobbyists - turn your hobby into a new source of income

  • Innovators - make your invention into a business

  • Jobseekers - the easy way to take control and create job that matches your skills

  • Families - create a business that matches the time you have available

  • Redundancies - great 'insurance policy' if you've been made redundant or think you might be at risk