Greensleeves Franchise Opportunities

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David Truby from Greensleeves Lawn Care talks to StartupTV about the franchise opportunities they offer

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Greensleeves Franchise Opportunities

Greensleeves Franchise Opportunities

David Truby from Greensleeves Lawn Care talks to StartupTV about the franchise opportunities they offer...


Lawn Franchise opportunities
Are you looking for a change of direction, an opportunity to start up on your own? Greensleeves has franchise opportunities throughout the United Kingdom. So, for those prepared to put time and effort into setting up a lawn care business, we offer an exciting opportunity in exclusive post-code areas, and every help and assistance.

The opportunity
Develop your own company, Greensleeves Garden Care (Wakefield) for example, in a defined trading area with the support of a well-developed brand, marketing and management support. Greensleeves Garden Care Ltd was established in 1998 in Huddersfield and has expanded across the North of England establishing a reputation for high quality lawn care services in the area with an ever-growing customer base.

  • A profitable and cash generative business from month one

  • A defined postcode area, over 80,000 homes with the opportunity to develop multiple van crews and significant growth potential for an enthusiastic franchisee, existing areas available with loyal existing customer base

  • Full first years marketing supplied from initial franchise fee, plus stock to trade, without cost in month one, making the opportunity cash positive from the start

  • Everything you require from training to equipment provided within the initial fee

  • Excellent initial training with formal NPTC qualification

  • FREEPHONE telephone line for marketing and customer enquiries

  • Outstanding business potential in a pleasant working environment

  • Crucial ongoing business support, monitoring financial and operational progress and advising in areas of concern

  • Capital growth potential in an expanding market with little competition

Business support
A superb concept, which undoubtedly the Greensleeves franchise offers, is only one part of a potentially successful venture. Business acumen and control, are the other key areas. Greensleeves Lawn Care will provide this, working with franchisees to provide systems, support and advice to maximise profitability from franchisees efforts. The directors and management have wide business experience both within the lawn care operation, working in a hands on capacity, marketing and building this opportunity, but also in the wider business arena as key directors in a variety of businesses. The opportunity has been developed to appeal both to franchisees new to running their own company and to experienced managers.

Franchise opportunities
The chance to build a business asset for yourself, in a defined trading area, with the support of a well-developed brand, marketing and management support. Greensleeves Lawn Care is looking to enter into franchise partnerships with industrious, enthusiastic and like minded individuals to develop the company further, whilst maintaining the friendly quality of service achieved through its existing business and franchisees.

This opportunity is both a working franchise and based on an area large enough to develop a multi-operator business in a short space of time.

Entering into any business relationship causes worries and risk. The successful franchisee will receive full initial training and the ongoing back-up of a small but highly committed management team. This will ensure that they have both the knowledge to build and carry out the lawn care treatment to a satisfactory standard, plus the support to monitor and assist in the vital area of company controls.

Prospective franchisees need to be physically fit, the daily routine requires a degree of semi-physical activity, flexible and well motivated, as no owner business opportunity is initially successful without long and often unsocial hours of work. A degree of computer literacy is required to fully utilise the bespoke database and invoicing package developed to run the company.

The price includes everything in the first option and is dependant upon the area, its existing customer base and future marketing commitments included within the price.

In 2005 Greensleeves Lawn Care became an associate member of the British Franchise Association.

Because we are still a young business, to date 19 active franchisees, our current geographic opportunities are more than sufficient to expand from a "working" franchise to a multi-operator business in a short space of time.