Paul Smit from Cashbrokers

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StartupTV spoke to Paul Smit about the franchise opportunities Cashbrokers offer.

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Paul Smit from Cashbrokers

Paul Smit from Cashbrokers

StartupTV spoke to Paul Smit about the franchise opportunities Cashbrokers offer....

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Cashbrokers is arguably the most exciting franchise to hit the high streets in a very long time.

We have spent three years developing a business model that is unique and highly rewarding. Our business model is designed to appeal to people who want to be their own boss but want very close support when they need it.

The potential income compared to the investment required is outstanding and unlike so many franchises we are very happy to show you the actual trading figures of existing stores.

We have developed a very lucrative business model that doesnt require additional staff other than the franchisees. Ask any business person, employing staff is the hardest and most difficult part of any business.

This is a great business it avoids so many of the major threats to small businesses.

  • It isn't something likely to be done by the Supermarket Chains

  • It isn't a business that can be conducted solely online

  • It is proven, we have done it ourselves, and we operate our own shop

  • Most importantly it is recession proof; in fact a recession is a positive time for this business. But because we cover so many aspects we also benefit when times are good

It is very like running a sub post office (but without being subject to the whims of politicians); you interact with the community and need to be friendly with your customers and accurate with your figures.

There are opportunities to open a Cashbrokers franchise throughout the UK. We are a family owned business who looks to treat our franchisees as part of the family. We are flexible with our franchise fees offering a number of options to suit the franchisee.

We operate an open door policy; if you are interested in becoming a franchisee then we will invite you to spend some time behind the counter at one of the shops to see what the business is really like. We need to get to know one another, unless we think you are right for the Cashbrokers family we wont offer you a franchise and we expect you to be equally comfortable with us.

You will of course need to have the cash or security to set up a franchise. The total investment needed varies from 75,000 to 100,000 depending on the location of the franchise.

Take the first step to a new life contact us today for more information or a no obligation chat.