FOREX Academy

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Startup TV talks to Liam Carlin from FOREX Academy.

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FOREX Academy

FOREX Academy

Startup TV talks to Liam Carlin from FOREX Academy....


The FOREX Academy is a unique Trader Coaching Company.

Here at the academy we train people, from all walks of life - equipping them with necessary skills to successfully trade the worlds stock and currency markets (FOREX).
Whether complete beginner or seasoned professional, our approach of trader-led training (followed by professional 1 on 1 coaching) can give you the edge you need to trade successfully.

Easy to follow

It needs to be able to teach you a solid strategy with an easy-to-follow structure. Then you can be able to advance your trading skills.

The unique approach of Forex Training Works is absolute simplicity.

You can benefit from large scale pictures and graphics to learn, it's a great step-by-step, simple way to pick up new, seemingly complex trading knowledge easily and quickly.
Forex Academy is an educational arm of professional Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) traders who have developed a unique Forex trading training course which provides you the opportunity to develop in foreign exchange.