Objectives Reached

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StartupTV speaks to Ian Stirling from Objectives Reached

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Objectives Reached

Objectives Reached

StartupTV speaks to Ian Stirling from Objectives Reached...


We assist businesses and business owners to expand or change their business. Businesses are diverse as are people's expectations and hopes. Our approach is to help you decide what is the appropriate model for expansion for you and your business. Once you know where you are heading, we help you achieve reach your objective.

Our method of working is to meet with you, without charge or commitment, to explore possible ways in which we can work together to develop your business. Most of our projects are under one year long and can be fixed priced, by the day or by results.

Our services include sales, marketing, business planning and new business development and a host of services. We partner with local and international companies where we require specialist skills or require accreditation.

We have Business Expansion shop that incorporates IT and general training facilities.

We run networking and business events that are keenly priced at a level any reasonably successful business can afford.