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Snopake at the Business Startup Show 2010

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Snopake Ltd

Snopake Ltd

Snopake at the Business Startup Show 2010...


Snopake Ltd is a privately owned British Company, with its head office in West London and a distribution centre in East Anglia. Each of our leading brands - Snopake, Swordfish and Platignum - focuses on key sections of the stationery, office products and business machines market.

Snopake, as a market driver, continues to develop quality and innovation for the new millennium. Every filing / presentation product is part of a 3 tier product strategy, designed to ease purchasing decisions and satisfy the needs of customers looking for affordable, trusted and premium quality products

The Swordfish range of exclusively designed, high quality products has been launched with the desire to make the working day that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Combining functionality and stylish design, all Swordfish products have been developed with the user in mind - from top security shredding, rapid cutting of sheet materials to quick and easy pencil sharpening. By concentrating on key features, Swordfish products retain simplicity, are easy to operate and affordable to all. across the world.

Since 1919, when Platignum began making writing instruments in Britain, it's been writing the history of the pen. But even today as a means of expression; to communicate, to say I love you, to sign, to make a note and to give as a gift, the special qualities of a Platignum pen are as valuable as they have always been. From elegant ball point pens to top of the range fountain pens, you’ll find a perfect balance of pleasurable performance and incredible design

Snopake - a lifetime of quality!