Blue Journey

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Blue Journey at the Business Startup Show 2010

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Blue Journey

Blue Journey

Blue Journey at the Business Startup Show 2010...


bluejourney is a highly motivated and focussed new company based in the North East of England that plans to tap into this potentially huge worldwide market for eMarketing.

bluejourney is a communications company that provides its clients with the opportunity to deliver a high impact messages directly to their end customers through new and innovative methods of advertising and marketing.

We consider eMarketing to be the use of Bluetooth Proximity marketing tools, targeted bulk Email creation and distribution, targeted bulk SMS / MMS message generation and delivery and conventional paper based mail shots using intelligent recipient selection techniques.
Our software vision is of an incredibly powerful and comprehensive eMarketing solution that assists companies marketing needs and can be utilised by all businesses as part of their overall marketing plan.

The platform will features 3 discreet ways of connecting with potential customers:
1 Bluetooth proximity delivery
2 Email delivery
3 SMS/MMS delivery

The first two methods will deliver NO COST options for delivering marketing content and through bulk purchasing of SMS messaging capacity the third option delivers a very cost effective way of further delivering advertising content.
Marketing methods and specifically advertising delivery options are changing very rapidly and Bluetooth marketing, Email and SMS are all at the forefront of this change. They empower brands and businesses to communicate directly with their customers to their mobile phones and computer desktops.
All of the above modes of marketing will be fed and driven by a unique customer relationship management engine specifically designed for the eMarketing situation.